An Afternoon In The Park


A drum, two to three pairs of cymbals, and a gong. Add plenty of sunshine. The result. A boisterous, fun-filled afternoon around the gazebo at the south end of John Hendry Park, better known as Trout Lake in East Vancouver. For years, the Lee's Benevolent Association of Canada, assisted by the Lee's Benevolent Association of Vancouver, has been holding its annual summer picnic at the location. On Sunday, July 17, 2016, it was just another rerun. Both lion dance teams from the Lee's Athletic Society, accompanied by the above percussion unit, really wowed the 100 plus members and their families with a delightfully entertaining performance. The ensuing demonstration of various sets of martial arts by several team members certainly gave the crowd more cause for celebrating this summer event.

A scrumptious lunch of fried chicken, chips, and banana obviously managed to replenish some needed energy in the younger crowd. It was the kiddies' turn to put that to good use. Several races, including a burlap sack race, were set up for the bouncy generation. For a few prolonged moments at least, that part of Trout Lake surely came alive with the sight, sound, and smell of a real picnic.

The enjoyable afternoon ended with a couple of tugs-o-war. Winners and losers alike, we all had fun --- together! (GL)

Our members at the picnic


The Lion Dance Teams


Kung Fu Demonstration


The Lunch

Cost of picnic ticket $3.00

Day at the park with family "Priceless"


The Games, The Games

"Faster Mom, Thank You Mom"




Editor's note:

This year's rerun was run just like previous years' reruns were so smoothly run, as all reruns should be run so ever smoothly. But, kudos should still be rightfully aimed at the following volunteers:

Maurice Lee, for organizing the event, purchasing picnic refreshment, transporting equipments to the site, and yes, not to mention picking up dozens and dozens of boxes of fried chicken;

Angus Li, for purchasing prizes for the kiddies' races, and setting up those races; and,

John Lee and Fred K. K. Lee, for helping out at the above races.

Honourable mentions should also be directed at Josephine Wong, Angus Li, John Lee, Jeannie Lee, Joni Tam, Sam Lee, Fred K. K. Lee, and Mary Lee for moving both lunch-box pick-up lines so quickly and efficiently.

A big thank you is equally due Sifu Jun Ing and the members of both lion dance teams from the Lee's Athletic Society for a job well done, consistently.