A celebration dinner on June 6 was hosted by Lee’s Benevolent Association of Vancouver and Lee’s Seniors Club. It was our annual tradition for May festival (端午節) and birthday celebration for members born in the first 6 months of the year. Not only the Lee’s Benevolent Association of Canada contributes $10 towards the ticket price to our members in attendance, members who were born between January to June received a package of noodle, a symbol of Longevity. Happy Birthday to you all!

There were about 150 members and friends attended the dinner. The main player of the evening, of cause, was the 粽子, prepared by ladies of the Lee’s Ladies Auxiliary. Special guests of the evening were 江純德小姐和李金雄先生and Mr. Paul Lee, Lee’s honourable accountant. The Opera Artists 江純德小姐和李金雄先生presented two well known opera acts as part of the entertainment.


Our appreciation goes to the ladies who spent countless hours in preparing those “yummy” 粽子. Thank you ladies for all your efforts and the directors helped in this event, tickets sales, preparations, and gave out the gifts. Of cause, the “Happy Birthday day” song sang by the Lee’s choir. It was, indeed, a job “well done”.

We will do it again next year, hope to see you all next year.