Formal Ceremony in the morning.



Lee’s Benevolent Association of Canada annual spring festival begun at 11am on March 5, 2016. About 30 members and directors gathered at Mountain View Cemetery to show our utmost respect to our Ancestor Lee Er (李耳). They brought all the traditional offerings including flowers, fruits, chicken, and a sizzling pig for the ceremony.


Private Ceremony in the afternoon


A private ceremony followed immediately in our building at 313 E. Pender Street. Two lion teams from Lee’s Athletic Society led the ceremony, followed by tribute to our Ancestor Li Er (李耳) from directors of all 5 chapters of the Lee’s Benevolent Association of Canada. This year, a special guest, Mrs. Lai Chu Li-Kong, director from Edmonton, attended the ceremony. Chinese buffet lunch was served to all members in attendance.


Celebration Dinner in the evening.



Celebration dinner was held at the Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant at 6pm. We were delighted to have about 350 members with their families and guests in attendance. Honourable guests at the celebration dinner included Mrs. Lai Chu Li-Kong, director from Edmonton, Mr. Richard Lee, MLA for North Burnaby, Deputy Speaker of the B.C. Legislature, Mr. Daniel Lee, two-term Counsellor; Deputy Mayor for the City of Vancouver. 1996 - 2002, and Mr. Jun Ing, Kung-Fu Master of our Athletic Society. Entertainments were provided by Lee’s Lion teams and kung-fu demonstration by members of our Athletic Society, Lee’s Ladies’ choir, and karaoke by our guests.  Lee’s Benevolent Association of Canada gave out numerous gifts throughout the evening. This fun filled evening finished at about 10pm with huge success, much to the delight and enjoyment of our guests, our members and their families who shared the evening with us.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the directors for their contributions to all aspects of the event and a job “well done”. Hope you can join us again next year.