An outside firewall from a low-rise condominium construction site fell onto our building and a house next to us during a severe windstorm on April 7. The roof and the top (3rd) floor of our building suffered the brunt of structural and water damages. Fortunately, it happened around dinner time that none of our members were inside the building or injured, and our office was closed at that time. However, residents in our neighbouring house were displaced.

The extent of structural and water damages to our building is still under investigation. Consequently, please be advised that our normal office activities have been suspended at this time. Most of our scheduled events have been cancelled or postponed.


Front of our building


Back of our building and parking area


Damaged roof


Update No. 2

Pictures from inside of our building, taken by Michael Boultbee

2nd Floor Meeting Room

Ground Floor Kitchen

3rd Floor Column


Update No. 3

Temporary office has been setup at 293 E.Pender Street, Vancouver.

  • Office Hours : 11:00am to 3:00pm. Monday to Saturday
  • Phone No. : (604) 681-9070
  • Fax No. : (604) 685-7804

Please call or visit our office for updates.